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Numb Apparel

Temporary feelings, Temporary emotions

As a founder of Numb Apparel. I want to express the thoughts of those who are silent in words but are loud with their actions. This company is to help those who are in the dark come to light by expressing their selves within apparel.

About Numb Apparel

Our Background

Numb Apparel was founded on November 13, 2021. A strong start, starts with a strong foundation. So, with the support of others, this can touch the lives of many people. The idea of this came from a man who grew up in a rough neighborhood but found a way out and is now trying to help other people mentally and by being inspiring. Everyone always has mixed emotions throughout their lives, and I came up with this to help people cope with that. Not only can it be just words on your back, but it can be what drives an individual throughout the day. So far in life it's been a struggle, now I put my trust and heart into the hands of the one above. 


Services at Numb Apparel

Here For You

Online Shopping

Ordering Online

Online Shopping

Shipping is fast and easy. safely insured.

customer service

Any Problems?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you have any questions or problem with your product, give me an email describing your Situation and the problem at hand. Me and my team will make have you taken care of.

Scheduled Delivery

Quality Assured

Delivery will be locally or shipped depending on your location. All packages will be shipped or delivered through a 1-3 day time bases.


Want to learn more about our services? Get in touch with us today.

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